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Why SASHA 16?

"SASHA-16" was hitherto called "SASHA 2.0". To avoid conflicts in the denomination system generally used for Daz/Poser figures (here: STEPHANIE S1 /S2 etc.), I decided to call the figure after it's first year of production. To further differentiate it from future incarnations of STEPHANIE, I added the dash.

So it's "SASHA-16", or "S-16" for short, or simply "Sasha".

What is SASHA 16?

SASHA-16 basically is just another version of Daz3D's "Victoria 4" (V4). But she was optimized to make use of the features of the latest Poser versions (Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 and later). She has a completely new rig and almost all joints are weight mapped for better joint-bending.

All the cumbersome magnets are gone, some vintage stuff no longer needed was removed and the original "dial groups" were completely replaced with a logical and easy to use concept.

I also introduced a new concept for posing SASHA which makes it as easy as never before to pose the figure or fix bad click-poses. A couple of switches and parameters can help you to avoid the dreaded distortions made by some bad click-poses too. All this can be switched on or off anytime as you need it.

You can use SASHA exactly how you used V4.2 before. All "Victoria 4" textures can be applied and all poses and expressions will work. All injection characters can be applied as usual. Fitting hair and clothing isn't a problem either and needs only a few extra clicks.

To use SASHA, you need Daz3D's Victoria 4.2 installed in your runtime and you also need the "Morphs++" pack from Daz3D. That's all!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, *almost all:*

Along with SASHA you'll get a collection of tools and Python scripts that add even more to the functionality of SASHA. They were all custom made for SASHA, making your handling of SASHA a breeze.

I think that you should give SASHA a try if you - like so many others - still have gigabytes of V4 stuff sitting in your Poser library.

Please download SASHA-16 (2019 Edition) here




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