#1 stil have weird eye problem by estherau 26.08.2019 07:59

After I inject a character morph eg Tallia by digipixel or gemma by sabby, then the eye size dial stops working. the sockets get bigger but the eyeball size seems locked.
Love esther

#2 RE: stil have weird eye problem by Perpetualrevision 07.09.2019 22:10


Have you checked to see if maybe the character morph injection has set limits on the EyeSize dial? You can double click on the dial to see its minimum and maximum limits, and you can change them if needed..

Or maybe the injection changed the limits on the parameter dials controlled by the EyeSize dial, which are: rEye Scale (xyz), rEye zTranslate, lEye Scale (xyz), lEye zTranslate, and eyebrow:PHMEyeSize*. My guess is that the character injection did something to lock the Scale dials on each eye, but you should be able to change them back to their defaults (which are: Min Limits 10; Max Limits 1000000).

I don't have either of the character packages you mentioned, so I can't test them, but I do have others by Sabby, so if you come across the issue again, let me know and maybe I can help. You could also try contacting Sabby to ask what the morph injection does to the eyes.

* Here's how I found those: Click on the little triangle to the right of the dial, choose "Edit Dependencies," then click on the Keyed Dependencies tab. There you'll find a list of other parameter dials controlled by that dial.

#3 RE: stil have weird eye problem by estherau 20.07.2020 12:26

thankyou. sorry i didn't reply before. have been too busy to look at this lately, but i hope to get back to it soon.

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