#1 Sasha2019 no "KV" and readme's not accessible by WilliamVV 01.12.2019 00:49

Hello all, First of all, like many of you i am a bit concerned about the long abscence here of Karina ! I really do hope nothing too serious happened and that Karina will return here soon !

I have 2 problems which I can't figure out :
1st, I can't open none of the readme files : neither frome the pose library, neither from the links included in the zipfile which i downloaded here.
2nd I have no morphs or dials whatsoever in BODY >> KV SHAPE and in HIP there's even nothing about KV.. Just the regular hipmorphs. (that's all)

I have Sasha 16 (previous version installed as well) andthis one works fine and has all the morphs and features.
My 2019 seems to haveaccepted all V4morph-injections, but she has no genitalia (disable genitalia is turned off)

Thank you all in advance for any help and solutions !!

#2 RE: Sasha2019 no "KV" and readme's not accessible by RLOwens 01.12.2019 08:59

Did you activate the vagina with the 5.2 Activiate KV in the 1 - SASHA--16 SETUP?

You have to activate it, for the vagina to show up as someone wanted a family friendly version of Sasha so that is how Karina made her. After activation most of the shaping morph dials for the vagina are on the prop itself, not sasha's body actor.

#3 RE: Sasha2019 no "KV" and readme's not accessible by WilliamVV 02.12.2019 19:13

Hello RL Owens,

Thank you kindly for your answer !!

Stupid of me to overlook this !! thank you very much and it's working now :D !!!

Hope there is still a solution for the manuals though as I can't open any of them !

Thank you again for helping me out !! :)

#4 RE: Sasha2019 no "KV" and readme's not accessible by RLOwens 02.12.2019 23:06

The only thing I can think is that you possibly have them installed in the wrong path? They should be located in a Data folder in your runtime. Such as (C:/program files/Poser)/Runtime/Data .. Replace the text in parenthesis with your poser path.

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