#1 A message from Karina! by knyghtmarev3 29.05.2020 00:53


Hey everyone! I just spoke with Karina over on renderosity, and he wanted me to relay a message to everyon!

"Thank you for the welcome!

I had a serious traffic accident in fall last year (ran over by a van) and was in hospital/rehabilitation until February. Unfortunately I can't access SASHA's site because of unpaid bills (signed a month trial for an "ad-free" forum, but during I was in hospital the trial month expired and the monthly billing started. After two months the account was cancelled, but the bills still stand and I'm currently denied access to the admin section. I once was able to log in to clear some spam, but since then - nada!

Until I found a way to gain back my access they all can reach me on Renderosity or at the Hivewire forum (I'm Karina there too"

So, he is alive and well, and is slowly resuming work on Misha19!

#2 RE: A message from Karina! by Wickerman 02.06.2020 07:00

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering why he was over at Renderosity but not appearing here (his own website) to post any news about what happened to him, and of course news about Misha-16 :D

Glad to know that he is back, but I hope he is able to sue the other driver and make some money from this horrible accident!

#3 RE: A message from Karina! by Poitou 03.01.2021 20:14


Ah, so sorry to hear of this!

Has anyone had any later news I wonder?

#4 RE: A message from Karina! by estherau 01.03.2021 13:23

I really hope he is feeling better soon and doing well and working hard on rehab. And i hope he gets back to developing figures again. that has been such fun watching Sasha come alive.

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