#1 Sasha dials slow and unresponsive by WilliamVV 24.03.2021 22:29

Hi all,

First of all I would like to express my concern about Karina being absent so long.... I sincerely hope the recovery goes well and we will here from him soon ! Wishing all the Best !

The problem :

On my win8.1desktop with 8GB RAM, even complex scenes with multiple V4/M4 and SASHA19 go smooth.

On my win10desktop with 20GB RAM the scenes work fine as well except the morph/pose dials from Sasha19
they are irresponsive and have a delay of 5-10 seconds(windows hourglass) before they jump to a random value which makes it impossible to finedial and dial accurate.
(the same goes for selecting/moving bodyparts or the body actor) (again, other V4's in same scene, no problem).

I tested same scenes on both desktops and it is only on the win10 that this problem occurs.
So i am most certain it is NOT sasha-related but probably it's got something to do with win10 or the air library (as flashplayer no longer exists)
(is there a replacement for flash player btw ? and not having to use the airlibrary ? )

As always, much thanks in advance and any info and tips highly appreciated ! :)

#2 RE: Sasha dials slow and unresponsive by RLOwens 03.04.2021 20:40

Have you checked with other figures? I ask this because there are a lot of users posting over on renderositys forums about poser in general being slower since windows 10 latest updates. The update I downloaded last night (Apr. 03, 2021) seemed to help a little (in poser 11, haven't tried with 12 yet), but it is still slower in responsiveness than it used to be.

#3 RE: Sasha dials slow and unresponsive by WilliamVV 06.04.2021 18:27

Thak you RLOWENS,

it has clearly something to do with win10, indeed. : other V4's (2+sasha) in the same scene work fine .. sasha is slow. Sasha alone in a scene works (as good as) fine too.

Now I have done a clean install of win8.1 with all updates available (have the win10 still in backup) and the scenes with multi V4 and Sasha run smooth too.

another tought i made : could it be because the scenes were made and saved on my win8.1 desktop and that i tried to run them on win10 ? (allthough logic would be if all V4"s were affected and not only sasha.).

might have also something to do with my graphics card : Nvidia Quadro K420 1GB GPU (if this one is a bit on the light side then, all figures would be affected). But i'm replacing this one with a NVIDIA GTX550ti 3GBram DDR3 GPU in the next days.

See what's gonna happen :)

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