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Karina, I discovered that addition of BadaBing, VaVaVaVoom or any pre-saved magnet prop on non-sasha figures does not work in the presence of sasha in the scene, however creation of new magnets works well on non-sasha figures. please forgive if I am doing some error in this regard. thanks


#2 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by Karina 13.11.2017 20:06


Hello Yashida

this is weird indeed because it simply shouldn't happen.
Would you mind to write an exact description of how you proceed (e.g., loading order, what else is in the scene, etc.)

As a quick guess I could only imagine that those "Bada/VaVoom" magnets try to attach to some of the obsolete V4 magnets which aren't present any longer in SASHA.

Please also check Poser's "Hierarchy Editor" and look for the "lost magnets" in the long list. If my suspicion is true then they should appear somewhere in the list, but not parented to anything.


#3 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by Karina 16.11.2017 01:32


Sorry yashida,

I looked everywhere in my runtime, but couldn't find the Vavavoom morphs any longer. Probably did delete them sometime in the past.
I might have a backup somewhere, but that will take some time to find it.

I'll have to check how the magnets are applied in order to find potential problems. Please be patient.
I'll report back here ASAP.


#4 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by Karina 24.11.2017 17:29


This post was edited because the solution turned out to be only a very specifc workaround working in PP2014, for a scene file created in P11.
I'll just leave the technical explanation because it's still valid, and the source for the problem in P11.

Technical explanation:

Whenever you load a figure (or prop or whatever) into your scene, Poser adds an index number to the internal name.
figure becomes figure:1 and rForeArm becomes rForeArm:1, etc.
If you load another figure, it becomes figure:2, etc.
If you parent something to figure:2, the "parent to" entry will be modified to also point to figure:2.
The same should happen automatically when you inject the BadaBing/VaVaVoom magnets:
Poser should recognize which figure is currently selected, and set the index numbers accordingly.

Happy posering


#5 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by Poitou 25.11.2017 19:07



That was an impressive response!

I never knew there were so many hidden things going on behind the pretty Sasha.

Thanks for the testing and answer K!!

#6 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by Karina 25.11.2017 21:12


No, my solution was just bollocks, because it doesn't work in P11!

It works fine in my PP2014, but P11 seems to be a different beast.
@yashida sent me a scene today which he created using my advise - but still the deform target of the magnets in the second figure point to the (wrong) first figure!

I installed P11 (thank you again for your guidance! ) today, and after fiddling with the basic settings I hope I can run trials tomorrow to reproduce the problem.

I suspect that it's a P11 glitch, because:

All Magnets and Magnet Zones are parented to the selected figure OK.
It's just the "deformTarget" line in the file which invariably reads "deformTarget chest:1" instead of "deformTarget chest:2" for the second figure!

So until I've solved this riddle, I'd suggest to give this a try:

When you want to add the Bada/Voom magnets to a figure, make sure to only have *one* figure in the scene.
After adding the magnets, save the figure to the library.
Open a new scene, and repeat with the second (third, fourth, umpteenth) figure.

Haven't tried yet whether this works; if it still doesn't, then there's a really serious bug in P11.


You'ld probably be amazed that about 50% of SASHA's features "behind the scenes" were made by manually editiing the .pz3 file and "hacking" the features into the source code, simply because those "tricks" can't be done in Poser.
Without these tricks SASHA wouldn't be what she is now...


#7 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by yashida 26.11.2017 06:17

hi K,

i performed the following tests and surprised by the results:

loaded V4, V4_1, V4_2, BB on V4, BB_1 on V4_1, BB_2 on V4_2 -- WORKED ON v4_2 (LAST FIGURE)
deleted V4_2, BB_1 from V4_1, reloaded BB_1 -- WORKED ON V4_1
deleted V4_1, BB from V4, reloaded BB -- WORKED on V4

loaded V4, M4, BB on V4, BB_1 on M4 -- WORKED on V4 (FIRST FIGURE)

loaded M4, BB on M4 -- WORKED on M4
loaded V4, BB_1 on V4 -- NOT WORKED ON V4

loaded M4, V4, loaded BB on V4, BB_1 on M4 -- WORKED ON M4

loaded V4, BB on V4 --- WORKED
save into Library as Test V4
On new scene

loaded Test V4 -- WORKED
loaded another Test V4 -- WORKED


i suggest you to install SR7 as i found some issues with morphing tool in SR6.

As per your previous observation, bug possibility in PP11


#8 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by Karina 26.11.2017 17:41


So now we have established a pattern.

Your tests confirm it, and after repeating your tests today and further varying load order etc. I can confirm this.

When there's more than one figure in the scene, and you inject magnets into the *second* figure, the "deformTarget" variable of the magnets *always* point to "figure 1". Never to "figure 2" etc.
It also makes no difference what figure it is: V4, M4, SASHA, The Gollum, Posette...
Because poser internally indexes each added figure in a scene as "figure (x+1)".

You can easily check this:
Load two figures into the scene, move one of the figures some distance to the side (use xTran dial in BODY!), and inject the BBVV morphs into the *second* figure:
They won't work, even though they are parented to the correct figure in the hierarchy editor.

Now have a look at the *first* figure:
select the chest or hip and look in the parameters palette, the folder titled "Other":
All the VVMag___ and BBMag___ deformer strength dials are there - in the wrong figure!

For the final confirmation, now select your *second* figure and use xTran dial in BODY to move it sideways to where *first* figure is standing. The moment they start to overlap you can see how the body suddenly gets deformed until the BBVV morphs are displayed in full glory like they should. Only on the wrong figure - the *first* one!
So we have the odd situation that the second figure deforms the first when they take up the same space...

So it's definitely a Poser bug.

I read in the SR6 "fixes" list:
"Deformer properties: Exposed magnet attribute to make it easier to create magnets that have a better effect on figures."
I'm not sure what they mean by this, but Poser has gained some reputation over the years of fixing one thing and creating a new bug with the "fix"... Perhaps this is what happened here.

Solution / Workaround:

If you need to equip several figures with the BBVV magnets, load a single figure into an empty scene (NO! other figure whatever may be present, not even a rigged cube! )
Apply the magnets, then save the figure to the library. Open new document, and repeat for next figure, etc.
(as you have observed correctly by your "Test 5", the figure indexing works correct once the figure was saved to the library.)

Could you do me a big favour and write an error report to SM?
You may link them to this thread if it helps.
I just don't have the time right now, still busy with my own SR1 for SASHA, and also soon helping in beta testing someone else's product.

Cheers, and thank you for your help!


Tested using
- Poser 11 version
- Windows 10
- several vodkas against frustration

#9 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by yashida 27.11.2017 05:02

Karina, thanks for letting us aware of this in-depth study about magnets and I always appreciate your prompt and detailed response. :):):)

Good luck for development SR1 for Sasha and we 'the poser community' look forward for the same as well as male version of Sasha because lots of exciting art is awaited to be produced using both figures.

Thanks again

#10 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by RLOwens 27.11.2017 05:25

You can also open the (Vaavoom/Bada Bing) controls props in a text editor and replace all the :1 (or whatever number it is, was different in the fixers) with a blank. So line(s) like

baseProp VVMag Base 1:1

baseProp VVMag Base 1S:1


baseProp VVMag Base 1

baseProp VVMag Base 1S


And save as a new prop file. They will then work with whatever figure you applied them to.

Tested this in Poser 11 Pro SR8 and everything worked fine on 2 sasha's and 1 plain v4 (total 3 figures) in the scene. Also on sasha if you want to uncheck the "compute magnets in world space" in the body properties as it goes screwy on the hips / abdomen if left checked when using them.

Also this may come in handy for use with !Bada-Bing

To use select the *KARINA*VAGINA* after adding Bada-Bing and apply the pose to magnetise the vaginal prop also.

#11 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by Karina 27.11.2017 18:20


Wow! Thank you RLOwens!

You're right, removing all the index numbers solves the problem terminally!

So folks: load both .pp2 files into a text editor and delete all occurrences of :1 or replace them with a blank space

Thank you also for the handy expansion for the KV - that's the icing on the cake!

B.t.w., you don't have to select the KV separately, as it's a normal body part of SASHA. Just select SASHA and inject the Bada Bing and the KV magnetize file in one go.

You could even automat the process if you use it frequently:
Just write this line into the code of the "Bada Bing.pp2", just before the last closing bracket:

addActor BBMag Base 37
addActor BBMag 37
addActor BBMag Zone 37
readScript "+Sasha Vagina Magnetize - Poser 11.pz2"

(the "+Sasha Vagina Magnetize - Poser 11.pz2" must be in the same folder as the "Bada Bing.pp2"!)
In figures without KV it does no harm because Poser will simply ignore the commands if it doesn't find a body part named "karinaVagina"

Oh, and one last thing: [rolling_eyes]

If you use the "readScript" trick and rename
"+Sasha Vagina Magnetize - Poser 11.pz2" to
"+Sasha Vagina Magnetize - Poser 11.pzhidden"
(and of course change that in the "Bada Bing.pp2" file too), the file will become invisible in the library, yet the injection still works!

That's what I like so much about Poser:
Tinkering with it and finding new or unusual tweaks. Try that in the other program...


#12 RE: [SOLVED] Magnet On Non-Sasha by yashida 29.11.2017 10:50

@RLOwens you are right dear, I done it and a BIG WOW for your findings. Thank You

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