#1 RE: Modifying existing morphs with the Morph Brush by Karina 09.12.2017 17:59


Did you know that from PP2014 onwards you can modify any existing morphs?

The only thing you need is Poser's "Morphing Tool". Here's how to proceed.

For our example I chose "CheeksDimple", one of the "Morphs++" PHM morphs because this one is a bit special: it's not symmetrical. Instead it consists of tho separate morphs for left and right side, driven by a master dial.

To begin with, we first have to find out where the morph dial is. In SASHA, it's the head, group {>>> SHAPE:Cheeks:}

Set the Master dial to 1.000 - no smaller or greater values, and no negatives either! Make sure the R and L morphs follow suit.

One important thing which you always must keep in mind:
If you edit a single morph which has no Master dial of the same name in the BODY, and your morph edit extends into body parts which weren't affected by the morph yet, Poser will automatically create a new Master dial in the BODY, group {OTHER}.

While this makes sense with body morphs, we don't want this to happen with head morphs because we want to keep all head morphs and their Master dials strictly limited to the head!

Fortunately for us, Poser makes it easy to avoid such "collateral damage":
The Morph Brush doesn't affect invisible body parts!
So first make the whole figure invisible, and then only make the head visible again.

Now open the Morphing Tool and go to the "Create" tab.
Click on the "Custom_Morph" (outlined in red by author).

A cascading dropdown list of body parts appears. Wade your way through the cascade: head>SHAPE>Cheeks>CheekDimpleR

Now you have the morph name displayed on top, and you can morph away.

You cannot select the Master dial "Cheeks Dimple" because it is a control dial and contains no morph deltas!
If you want to modify both sides of the morph, you must modify either side separately (after selecting the respective morph)


  • Read and understand what I wrote above about Poser creating Master dials, and how to avoid that by setting body parts to "invisible"
  • Set the morph you want to modify to 1.000
  • Open Morphing Tool
  • Select the morph to edit from the cascading dropdown list
  • Edit the morph
  • Close Morphing Tool
  • That's all


If you need symmetry on such separate-sided morphs, you need a file editor (I suggest D3D's "PoserFileEditor") and knowledge about the internals of a Poser file.

For those who want to tackle this task, here's a brief description:
  • Finish the morph on one side, then mirror it (in this case, in the head only)
  • Close Morphing Tool
  • Click on the morph that you've just edited and select "Split morph"
  • Two new morphs appear in the "Morph" group, in this case "CheekDimpleR_r" and "CheekDimpleR_l"
  • Save your figure (to the library or as a pz3 document doesn't matter)
  • Open this file in PFE and look for the new "CheekDimpleR_r" and CheekDimpleR_l" morphs. This now is your "Copy From" document.
  • Open the file again in a new PFE instance and look for the original "CheekDimpleR" and CheekDimpleL" morphs. This now is your "Copy To" document.
  • In the "Copy From" document copy the lines
    numbDeltas xxxx
  • In the "Copy TO" document delete these two lines and insert the lines you copied instead.
    You can change the "numbDeltas" manually by typing the new value.
    However you *must* COPY the complete "deltas" block over because it's the container for the actual morph deltas!
  • Repeat this for the other side (NOTE: make sure you paste the morph data to the correct sides!)
  • In the "Copy To" document, find and delete the new "CheekDimpleR_r" and CheekDimpleR_l" morphs.
  • Save the "Copy To" document.
  • Close both instances of PFE, reload figure in Poser: Voilà!

#2 RE: Modifying existing morphs with the Morph Brush by knyghtmarev3 09.12.2017 18:36


You're a gentleman and a scholar, Karina! Thank you!

#3 RE: Modifying existing morphs with the Morph Brush by Karina 09.12.2017 19:05


You're welcome

#4 RE: Modifying existing morphs with the Morph Brush by Wickerman 09.12.2017 23:13

Karina, your tutorials are always very insightful... that is a very good tip about making parts invisible. I don't think many people would think of that. I am going to write that down in my notes too.

#5 RE: Modifying existing morphs with the Morph Brush by Karina 11.12.2017 16:43


Thank you Wickerman, I just try to do what I can.
I hope that I can come up with some more tutorials on SASHA, and Poser tricks.
My only problem is TIME as always: composing above short tut took me more than three hours:
It's not so much writing the text.
But setting up the scene, taking screenshots, clipping them, adding text and markers, and finally post all that is the part that is most time consuming.
The more I appreciate some feedback so I can see that my work was not in vain.

#6 RE: Modifying existing morphs with the Morph Brush by knyghtmarev3 24.06.2019 18:53


I actually just finally got around to trying this over the weekend. Worked like a charm!

#7 RE: Modifying existing morphs with the Morph Brush by Perpetualrevision 21.09.2019 01:40


I just happened to look at your tutorial out of curiosity, since I already knew the basics of modifying existing morphs with the Morphing Tool, but I learned a few new things, so THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into making the tutorial!

You can also set whether your morph edits will impact other morphs on the "Combine" tab of the Morphing Tool palette. The "Combine" tab also has the option to "pin" vertices in place so that they won't be modified as you edit the morph.

I still prefer using my modeling app for making some kinds of morph targets, given the greater range of selection and modification tools, but the Morphing Tool within Poser is extremely useful!

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