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    • Wickerman has written a new post "A message from Karina!" 06.02.2020

      Thanks for posting this. I was wondering why he was over at Renderosity but not appearing here (his own website) to post any news about what happened to him, and of course news about Misha-16 :D

      Glad to know that he is back, but I hope he is able to sue the other driver and make some money from this horrible accident!

    • Wickerman has written a new post "Modeling & rigging clothes for Sasha-16" 09.27.2019

      That's a great idea... it seems like all of the attention is on La Femme right now, and people are not giving Sasha the attention she deserves. A nice wardobe pack would probably be a nice reminder that S16 is also out there and V4 isn't dead yet.

    • Hey emjay247, I was actually able to figure out an easy way to solve the height issue. I'm going to try to write down what I did last night in case it may help someone else:

      - I load both the V4 character and S16 into the same scene
      - make sure that V4's hip and body x-y-z translation are at 0 (it turned out that the reason why the V4 head created such a huge vertical offset last night was because my figure's hip and Body y-values were not zero).
      - also make sure that if you are using any Scale value that would affect V4's height e.g. I had set her to 90% scale, then set it back to 100%
      - if it's a S4 character, her height may also be affected by the Proportions dials like Petite, Short, etc. or the S4 Body presets like Caitlyn, Paige, etc. so I set these all to 0 as well.

      - what I do next is check to see what morph injections I've put into my V4 character e.g. the popular 182 morphs, V4 Maturing, etc. and I inject the same ones into S16.
      - now I go through every body part on V4, one at a time, press Ctrl-C, then switch to Sasha and Ctrl-V to paste the morph values over.
      - once this is done, then for sure the V4 and S16 bodies are identical. It's just the head/faces that are still different. But the main reason is that by making sure that S16 has all of V4's morphs, then I'm confident that the height for the head will be synchronized, and it is safe to export the V4 head to an OBJ.

      - then obviously just load the OBJ as the morph target and set it to 1.0 and it mostly works.

      The ONLY complication so far that I've seen on the 2 V4/S4 characters that I converted to Sasha is the eyeballs. These seem to bulge out (perhaps because they are bigger than the new MT head) or the irises aren't looking straight ahead. I had to use the Axis override dials on lEye and rEye to fix them. I'm not sure why the eyes have this problem, but at least it is not that hard to adjust.

      - now you can go and set back the values that you had to zero out e.g. Petite, Short, the scale, etc.
      - then the final step is to apply the texture of the V4 character (which can be saved to a material collection) to the new S16 character.

    • Thanks emjay247, I totally forgot about using MTs as a way to transfer faces...

      Now I do remember doing something like this many, many years ago when I wanted to port a V4 character over to S4. The problem was that my V4 character's OBJ caused the S4 head to become offset/translated far from the neck. I assume that's because my V4 and S4 are different heights.

      I just saw the same thing tonight when I imported the V4 head as a MT for Sasha.


      The dials still work for controlling the mouth, etc. When I open the mouth on the morphed head, the teeth (which are floating below the head) open up too.


      I guess I have to figure out what height to reset my V4 character to, so that it syncs up exactly to S16.

    • This is a dumb question I'm sure, but I'll ask it anyway. I have a few custom V4 characters, most of that customization is in the face (especially the changes made using the morph brush). I don't suppose there's any way to just graft the V4 head onto Sasha's body?

      The rest of my characters' body is easy to recreate on Sasha by just doing the ctrl-c / ctrl-v approach, but the face is considerably harder. I was just thinking last night, after getting only "okay" results with Wardrobe Wizard to port two of my females to S16, that it'd be easier to just behead S16 and glue my V4/S4 head onto her neck. Yes, I was getting a bit frustrated at that point :D



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