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    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "I just wanted to say thank you" 12.28.2019

      Best wishes to you too, Sergio, and to everyone. And especially to Karina, wherever he may be.

    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "Missing you Karina" 11.11.2019

      Me too. As long as there is a site to come back to I will keep checking it. Best wishes to all.

    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "А few questions" 08.21.2019

      Kolo, I don't have Zbrush (yet, anyway) but here's an idea. Do you know Blender? It's free shareware. One simple thing you can do with it is import objects and, in edit mode, subdivide selected polygons. This makes that whole or part of the object more flexible for morphing, which I suppose is what you are after.
      But note I speak of objects. If your object is a body part-part of a character-I do not have experience getting the new object back into the character. Poser's Set-up room and/or Zbrush can presumably do that, but again I don't know how.

    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "Spam is infiltrating the forum..." 08.19.2019

      You refer to these sports rating things I suppose...yeah, they go back a couple weeks now. If Karina IS on vacation, he deserves one, but I will be glad to see him back.
      Karina, here's a question for you. Recently I saw how you control-C to copy a body or head morphs, then control-V to give those morphs to another character. Works great! My question is, is there a similar keyboard shortcut you know of for copying a complete position? Or how about a complete textures set? I know how using Poser's library, just wondering about keyboard shortcuts.

    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "FACE SHAPING QUESTION" 07.25.2019

      This probably goes back to V4 or earlier, but time was when you changed scale on the head that would NOT change eyes and upper and lower jaws-you had to scale those separately to match. Whereas, when the head sizing showed up-was Sasha first?-in the body, everything worked together. So that's what I've used ever since, but since Karina says use the head to scale the head I will check that out again. It would be a click or two easier.
      I do find the default head on most characters a tad too small, maybe 3% on average. It's like they said of pornography, you know it when you see it.

    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "SASHA-16 2019 download link down" 06.25.2019

      Katrina, DL.FREE.FR has a problem. When I click on your link that site says 'Fichier inexistant.' (File not found.) I tried it several times, I don't think it is anything I did... I will keep trying.

    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "BREAKING NEWS: POSER is now owned by RENDEROSITY!" 06.20.2019

      That IS interesting. So I just hopped over there and it looks like just about everyone is applauding this development. Since Poser Pro 11 and Renderosity are my main tool and source, I add my cheer. Hip-hip!

    • johndconnaughton has written a new post "Testing the waters :)" 06.08.2019

      To Katrina, I am also replying here because I can't in the other forum. No problem.
      As regards 'hip' vs 'body' also no problem. I always play with 3d modeling things until they work out. I am into static art rather than movement (ref suggested Renderosity link, which was interesting) and I never found 'direct manipulation' any better than time-tested toying. And, I have stretched many a body part by accident, so I get some of it. Anyway, I am more than content to keep using Sasha as she is, and will better understand this issue next time I bump into it. Cheers! I too wait eagerly for the new birth of Sasha!



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