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    • RLOwens has written a new post "v4 poses on Sasha" 04.28.2021

      You'll just have to fix them manually each time you use a pose, Sasha had different joint setup than default V4 plus all the ERC coding for the Sasha controls and enforced limits, etc. Of course once you've fixed a pose you can always save it back to your library (preferably as a new pose just for Sasha, as to not overwrite the original for V4).

    • RLOwens has written a new post "Sasha dials slow and unresponsive" 04.03.2021

      Have you checked with other figures? I ask this because there are a lot of users posting over on renderositys forums about poser in general being slower since windows 10 latest updates. The update I downloaded last night (Apr. 03, 2021) seemed to help a little (in poser 11, haven't tried with 12 yet), but it is still slower in responsiveness than it used to be.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "Sasha2O19 morph injection problem" 10.21.2020

      Alternately you could also inject the character export obj and reimport as a full body morph for each character, doing it that way I think you bypass the PBMCC restriction as poser will make a new morph channel. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, as poser has the obj problem of splitting the mesh at each group. (This may be fixed when poser 12 is released, no idea). And the character may have extra options by the creator, such as hiding body parts, etc.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "Sasha2O19 morph injection problem" 10.21.2020

      There is, but it's a lot of work. You would have to open all the injection/show/hide files for the morph search & replace the PBMCC_01 with another channel e.g. PBMCC_02 etc.

      Not just the injection poses in the pose folder, but also the ones in whatever morph folder the creator saved the custom morphs in.


      targetGeom PBMCC_01

      Changed to

      targetGeom PBMCC_02

      Incrementing channels

      for each character you wanted to inject

    • RLOwens has written a new post "sasha2019ed male morph" 10.20.2020


      Try adjusting the ChestDepth and BreastVolume

    • RLOwens has written a new post "Sasha2O19 morph injection problem" 10.20.2020

      There are only a set amount of morph injection channels, they are divided into daz injection channels and content creator injection channels I think they are named like PBDC_01 , etc for daz and PBCC_01, etc for content creators. (I'm not totally sure if they are those names exactly, but you should get the idea). Usually merchant will use the first availble PBCC_01, etc. for there injection channel so what you are seeing when trying to use multiple character are those channels being overwritten when you inject a new character morph, that is why only the one is showing up.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "A strange issue with Sasha's left foot" 09.20.2020

      Are you using the latest version of Sasha? As I don't have that issue in mine, I don't even have that morph (FilterFOHBL) in the Sasha I have.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "Sasha2019 no "KV" and readme's not accessible" 12.02.2019

      The only thing I can think is that you possibly have them installed in the wrong path? They should be located in a Data folder in your runtime. Such as (C:/program files/Poser)/Runtime/Data .. Replace the text in parenthesis with your poser path.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "Sasha2019 no "KV" and readme's not accessible" 12.01.2019

      Did you activate the vagina with the 5.2 Activiate KV in the 1 - SASHA--16 SETUP?

      You have to activate it, for the vagina to show up as someone wanted a family friendly version of Sasha so that is how Karina made her. After activation most of the shaping morph dials for the vagina are on the prop itself, not sasha's body actor.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "In poser 11 can i export injection poses for sasha?" 07.31.2019

      Standard or Pro?

      In Pro you can by selecting -- File > Export > Morph Injection...

      A popup will appear asking you to select the morphs you want to save.

      Select the morphs you want, then save to wherever you wish.

      I don't believe the injection export is available in standard.

      I have tried this on both Star and La Femme, and it works rather well.

      Once you use the saved INJ, it will create dials (individually) for all the morphs you saved .. Under the morpsh named grouping if it had any. .. Example if you had the morphs in a group named "My Character" they will show up in that group once injected.

      It does not .. say again .. Save the values each morph was set at. Only the morph itself. You'd need to edit the INJ pz2 and add keys for the values you need.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "problem with eye scale" 07.30.2019

      You have to use the dials that are in the eyes themselves. Either eye will work, as they are slaved to each other so using the dial in one, the other should also move. That is with the Up-Down & Side-Side dials.

      You can also click and drag one of the eyes while using the Rotate or Direct Manipulation tool and both will move.

      For independant eye movement you need to use the dials in the "EYES AXIS OVERIDE" group that is also in the eye actors.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "problem with eye scale" 07.29.2019

      Yes, looking at screenshot, those are the dials that don't work. You have to use the side-side / up-down dials in either of the eye actors.

      This was discussed during in the service release forum.. RE: SERVICE RELEASE 1 : Progress Blog (14) .. posts #198/#199

      Unfortunately looks like the "latest update" injection is no longer hiding the dials.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "problem with eye scale" 07.28.2019

      Sounds like one of the character morphs you are using may be overwriting the ERC for the eyes.

      For version, expand the SASHA-16-(2019 Edition) Group. the next line should be REV (whatever) .. Mine is REV 25-06-19 2200

      For the eyes side to side, make sure you are using the eyes actor and side-side, they are slaved to each other so will both move. I think there were dials elsewhere (under morphs in head actor, after injecting morphs++) that don't work, by design.

      On a PC, so can't really help with MAC issues. :(

    • RLOwens has written a new post "problem with eye scale" 07.26.2019

      Sorry I don't have that character so I can't test her. But unless there is something wrong with her injection files, the eyes should be working correctly. Do they work without using that character?

      Is it only sasha that is having the provlem, or have you tried it with normal V4 also? Asking becuase it sounds almost like the EXP files may might have gotten borked somehow and need to run the V4 DzCreateExPFiles-V4.bat again.

      Also do you have the absolute latest release of sasha. I believe Karina released another update after the initial release to address a couple of issues that had been found.

      And lastly yes, the eye scaling works correctly for me -- Using the dials I posted before.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "problem with eye scale" 07.25.2019

      What morphs, actor, & dial are you using?

      You need to to have Morphs++ Injected, then head actor selected. >>>HEAD SHAPE .. Eyes .. Eyes Shape .. EyeSize dial.

    • RLOwens has written a new post "Sasha 16 IK Problems" 07.21.2019

      Are you turning the collar control off in the >SPECIAL SASHA CONTROLS of the body? Also limits may be adjusting the arms after turning off IK.



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