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    • Karina has written a new post "FACE SHAPING QUESTION" 07.23.2019

      Hello @estherau:

      As usual my first response was way too long-winded, so here's the short and crisp advise:

      Use the SCALE dials in the head to change the head proportion, and forget about the dials in the BODY actor.

      The dials in the BODY actor are a relic from the very first SASHA. They made sense back then, for a reason I don't remember any longer.



    • Karina has written a new post "Problems with 350" 07.22.2019

      You're correct @estherau:

      It should be "350 S-16 Joint Centres" (the manual isn't fully updated yet, sorry!)

      So use #350 and "Все будет хорошо"


    • Karina has written a new post "Modeling & rigging clothes for Sasha-16" 07.09.2019

      Hello @Perpetualrevision:

      I must look deeper into the issue, so have some patience with me please.
      I'll see what I can do.


    • Karina has written a new post "Converting character morphs from Sasha 16 to 2019?" 07.09.2019

      Hello Perpetualrevision,

      the reason why the FairyMe morphs are displayed in the "Morphs" folder is that this is standard Poser procedure:
      Each morph that loads which doesn't have a predefined (as in V4 or SASHA) grouping are by default shown in that folder. Same happens with any custom morphs you create b.t.w.

      You can fix that by creating your own "FairyMe" injection!

      Sorry I had to delete the rest of the post because somehow the "insert code" function of this forum is buggy.
      I'll try other ways to post the relevant code.
      Rendo has a working "insert code" function for a change.
      I'll try that alternative


    • Karina has written a new post "Converting character morphs from Sasha 16 to 2019?" 07.09.2019

      Zitat von Jim Pierce im Beitrag #14
      I've been happy so far, but the sample size is small. I wasn't sure if perhaps it might work in Poser 11 but not in Poser 9, for example.

      Hello Jim,

      not sure wht you mean with "sample size" but I guess it's the file size.
      Yes, the injection pz2 files created this way are small, because they don't contain any actual deltas, just the "key 0 X" settings of the dials present in the figure.

      If you want to have these working in Poser 9, just edit the file with a plain text editor and change the version number from 11 to 9 so P9 users won't be pestered with the "This file has a newer version number blah blah..." each time
      they click it:

      number 11

      Apart from that they will work just fine in P9 and anything higher.



    • Karina has written a new post "Converting character morphs from Sasha 16 to 2019?" 07.08.2019


      That's what I meant getting "lost in details", and it surely proves that it's not always the best to cling to old and cosy methods like me.

      Of course your method of saving a full character injection to the library (without the hussle of copy/paste) is by far better than my old procedure!

      The good thing (from my point of view) is that you've just obliviated my whole (chaotic and incomplete) tutorial because your method is so much more straightforward!
      Thank You!

      As for your final question:

      "Are there likely to be some characters that won't work with this relatively simple method?"

      ALL of the standard V4 characters will work with this method because all the dials retainied their original names.
      There have been some changes in specific "sex related" dials, but that also should be no problem because only the external names (the ones you see in the parameter pallette) were changed, and they remain hidden until you do activate the KarinaVagina (as per suggestion to make SASHA "PG-13" compatible)

      If you run into a problem, let me know and we'll work out a way to fix it!



    • Karina has written a new post "SASHA RENDERS " 07.08.2019

      testing 1200*1600 px

      more testing tomorrow.

    • Karina has written a new post "SASHA RENDERS " 07.08.2019

      Thank you for posting these here @ader!

      I tried to fix the links for you so the renders will show up full size, but apparently there a size limit in place here:
      Max picture width = 1280 pixels.
      Max picture height = 1024 pixels.

      I'll look into fixing this. Until then it might be a good idea to limit the render size to the above maximum values.


    • Karina has written a new post "Problems with 350" 07.03.2019


      Thank you for the feedback , and glad it did work for you.


    • Karina has written a new post "Problems with 350" 07.03.2019

      That happens to me too sometimes, and most of the time it's a problem with the "collar" and "shoulder".

      It's a result of SASHA's slightly changed joint centres of collars and arms, in order to get a better bending.
      Problem is, when you inject SASHA's joint centres, the joints' MatSpheres are moved along with it.

      Now, if the creator of the clothing has set one of the two zones too tightly (so they _just_ enclose the geometry), it may happen that some vertices are no longer within the MatSpheres and are unaffected by the bend.
      This causes the spiking as seen in your picture.

      It's quite easy to fix:

      Find out which movement causes spiking (in this particular case I'd say it's the "shoulder" actor; the up-down joint).

      • Select the "shoulder" actor ! of the clothing !
      • Open Poser's "Joint Editor".
        In the top-left corner, select the "Up-Down" axis (or whatever it's called: sometimes it's simply "zRotate")
      • Two wire-frame spheres appear in the viewport (and also in the Hierarchy window if you have it open.
      • Select the "innerMatSphere" (most of the time it's the smaller one, and "- it's - green..." *1
      • Now (in the Parameters Palette) start increasing the zone's overall "Scale" by increments of 1 at a time until the spikes are gone. Most of the time you'll end up with a value between 102 and 110%
        (oddly Poser doesn't update the dial, so use the tiny arrows left and right of the "dial" and keep counting: 1-2-3-4...)
      • repeat the same procedure with other bends that cause spiking (probably "Front-Back" and "Twist" because most vendors tend to use the same MatSphere setup for all three movements...)
      • After all spikes are gone, use Poser's "Mirror Symmetry" to mirror your fixed setup from left arm to right arm (or vice-versa)
      • Don't forget to save your fixed garment back to the library under a different name, e.g. "Jacket xyz S-16", so you only have to do this procedure once every time you first load a new clothing item and find it has the same problems.

      Sorry for the "wall of text" without any graphics, but I thought it'd be better to provide you with a quick answer.
      If you have more questions - ASK!

      With your permission I'll later move this thread to the new "Tutorials" section, because it's of general interest.



      Footnote #1:
      A running gag from Star Trek. Google "Scotty it's green"

    • Karina has written a new post "Converting character morphs from Sasha 16 to 2019?" 07.01.2019

      Just for getting my priorities right:

      - What Poser version do you have?
      - Are your characters dial-spun only with the DAZ and/or SASHA standard dials?
      - Are there any custom morphs made by yourself?
      - Are there any other custom character injections? (like, character injections from the library?)

      Because if it's all dials, the procedure is straightforward and can be done in Poser in a few seconds.

      If any of the latter applies, you'll need PFE to copy the morphs.

      Just so I know where to focus upon.


    • Karina has written a new post "Converting character morphs from Sasha 16 to 2019?" 06.30.2019

      OK, I'm at it now.

      May take a few days though.

      IF you're really interested in creating .pz2 / editing .cr2 files etc, you should definitely get "Dimension3D"s "PoserFile Editor" (PFE) which can be purchased here:

      or here:

      It's the most useful tool for editing any Poser file, and it's worth every single penny of it's price (sorry for advertising, but I really mean it).

      Of course you can also use any unicode text editor of your choice.
      But be prepared you eventually have to copy thousands of lines of code to and fro, and the probability of making mistakes is high...

      I'll base my tutorial mainly on the use of PFE just because it's the easiest way.


      I'm in no way related to Ralph Sesseler, not do I get any money for "advertising" PFE (I wish I was...).

    • Karina has written a new post "Converting character morphs from Sasha 16 to 2019?" 06.29.2019

      What @RLOwens said:

      for dial-spun characters, just save it as a "pose" with "include Morph Channels" checked, and "Body Transformation" UNchecked.

      If your figure has custom morphs:

      In the PRO versions of P10/P11 there's the function of "Copy Morphs From..." which is relatively easy to use, but in some cases (dense mesh like in the head) some vertices may spike.
      So if you use this, better check after that and look for odd polygons/vertices.

      In P11 (Pro, again) you also have the option to export custom morphs and save them to the library.
      I haven't tried this function yet, but maybe it's an alternative.

      HOW I do it:

      I manually edit my custom characters' cr2 and copy the "deltas" block to the new figure, or (more than often) create my own "injection" cr2 with all the data in it, so it's just a click to update.
      (I adapted this method mainly because of all the interim versions of SASHA i did spawn during making the 2019 edition; like this it was easy to recreate any of my characters into any new incarnation of SASHA)

      If you're interested in making characters injection cr2 files, just ask!
      I was planning on writing a tutorial anyway.
      Just allow me a few weeks off, to catch my breath...



    • Karina has written a new post "SASHA RENDERS " 06.29.2019

      Hello @darthJ:

      Long time no see my friend!

      Thank you for starting this thread!
      I'll try to also shurn out some renders if I (hopefully) have more time after this release. and maybe others will join too.

      Your suggestion to use "addpics.com" or "picr.de" (or similar) to upload photos here is very welcome, because as long as this forum is only the "free" version, we have a limited upload contingent of 50 MB only (and I'd prefer to use these for other purposes like pictures in tutorials etc.

      I would like to upgrade this forum to the "Basis" tariff so we get unlimited upload space, plus less advertising, and some other benefits, but that's 6 € per month.

      We'll see - stay tuned!



    • Karina has written a new post "2019 Edition Changelog?" 06.27.2019

      You're right, it was the "Elite" morph pack.

      It's morphs weren't adapted by the KarinaVagina.
      But now they are!

      Just download the latest version, and all will be fine:
      SASHA-16 (2019 Edition) is here:


    • Karina has written a new post "2019 Edition Changelog?" 06.27.2019

      If you mean the DAZ "Creature V4" set of morphs:

      They all work "out-of-the-box" - just click on the thumbnail in the
      "2 - Additional Morphs"
      folder during setup, and they should install without a problem.


    • Karina has written a new post "2019 Edition Changelog?" 06.27.2019

      Thank you for filling the gap @RLOwens!

      I'll try to add other details to the list as they come to mind; I'lll also go through my many notes to see what else was changed.

      I'll post in this thread when I have more results.


    • Karina has written a new post "SASHA-16 2019 Gens" 06.27.2019

      It's working in the version I uploaded yesterday evening.

      You can find the two morph dials in the HIP actor:
      >EASY POSING >BUNS >-AnusOpen >- Anus Wider.

      Note that you must activate the KarinaVagina in the setup otherwise the dials won't show up! (pg-13 and such...)




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