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    • WilliamVV has written a new post "Sasha dials slow and unresponsive" 04.06.2021

      Thak you RLOWENS,

      it has clearly something to do with win10, indeed. : other V4's (2+sasha) in the same scene work fine .. sasha is slow. Sasha alone in a scene works (as good as) fine too.

      Now I have done a clean install of win8.1 with all updates available (have the win10 still in backup) and the scenes with multi V4 and Sasha run smooth too.

      another tought i made : could it be because the scenes were made and saved on my win8.1 desktop and that i tried to run them on win10 ? (allthough logic would be if all V4"s were affected and not only sasha.).

      might have also something to do with my graphics card : Nvidia Quadro K420 1GB GPU (if this one is a bit on the light side then, all figures would be affected). But i'm replacing this one with a NVIDIA GTX550ti 3GBram DDR3 GPU in the next days.

      See what's gonna happen :)

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "Sasha2O19 morph injection problem" 11.16.2020

      it is going waaay over my head :) lol

      I have created a base sasha in pp2014 with all morphs injected. saved as CR2 as well as PZ3.
      from those i've made 2 custom characters . (same texture, same base, ...
      one character works well (all morphs) and the other one is missing morphs again and some morphs like breast up/down/in/out don't work.
      (in both characters, i notice also differences in chest actor concerning the (breast)morphs) the one has morphs the other hasn't and vice versa.

      (besides that, the first one renders ok, the second one has again that glossy plastic look ... )

      it can't be crosstalk as i load a new scene, new base sasha and then save the customdialled figure also in CR2 and PZ3

      if i take a new scene (even after relaunching poser) both characters load with different morphs vanished and working/not working and render differently.

      re-injecting all the morphpacks doesn't have any effect on the nonworking dials, all though missing dials sometimes re-appear (and trhese work)

      and another strange thing : my custom characters load as I custom morphdialled them, but sometimes (mostly in headactor) dials are reset to 0.000 (this happens a lot with i13morphs)
      thus making it impossible to know which ones i've used in case of adjustments i need to make.

      it seems all so random and i totally don't see a structure or regularity in what goes wrong or what happens when ...

      (i've also read something about poser not really resetting values of morphs and render when a new scene is launched, but that dialvalues etc are being accumulated.
      as a result, some dials have such high values they don't "recognize" the value anymore and stop working. (my own words of what i read somewhere but i don't have single clue if this
      is true or what can be done about it)

      like i said, this is way over my head to figure out and understand what's happening. :) if anyone sees the wood for the trees, i'll be glad to hear it :) :)

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "poser servicereleases" 11.15.2020


    • WilliamVV has created the topic "poser servicereleases". 11.13.2020

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "Fitting clothes to Sasha16" 11.13.2020

      yep :) easiest, fastest and in case of pokethroughs, a little bit of photoshop cloning/retouching :D :D

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "Fitting clothes to Sasha16" 11.11.2020

      from my experience, I think it has something to do with creating and rigging of the clothing item. some clothes work perfectly with "copy joint zones from" others don't seem to react at all.
      (I even have cloth sets from about 10 years old by now and they fit straightaway, with no adaptions needed. while some recent clothing sets can't be fitted at all.)

      when conforming, the clothing only copies the morphs they have ... (some have only e.g. breastsize morph then morphs from V4 like, breastnatural, breastdiameter etc are not calculated
      in when conforming. I guess it is a bit the same with the socks also.

      Allthough it seems a simple clothing figure, socks conform seldom straight away.

      in the case of your image, I would usually work with xyzscale to match them. (if you morphed your sasha with scalingdials like e.g chest yscale or
      abdomen yscale. then the clothes conforming does not calculates this in. (and yet, some stocking sets conform perfectly (including shin and thigh)

      (allthough i do not now anything about rigging and bonessetup etc .. i do hope this helps a bit.

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "sasha19 expressions" 11.11.2020

      thank you very much Yashida :)

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "render problem i can't figure out" 11.01.2020

      thank you for replying, Barzing, tried as you said but no result : deselected light multitude in material and did several test renders , trying out the 3 attenuation options i have : constant, inverse linear and inverse square.
      even tested this method after deleting all lights and creating just 1 spot. no visible changes in render.

      But a curious thing i stumbled on by pure coincidence : and a solution (for now) : i opened the runtime/textures and copypasted the V4londontextures to a different folder and renamed them.
      then i created a .mat file after loading them manually on each bodypart of Sasha. I Don't know how, but it recreated all the nodes as well (screenshot in post above)
      but it got rid of the overexposure

      here's how it looks now in material without the overexposure and it renders ok now. (but to do this for all textures i use would be quite a task :) )

      and i have no explanation whatsoever what happened during just relocating and renaming the textures but it worked.

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "sasha2019ed male morph" 11.01.2020

      whooops ... i meant fullproof !! :D :D :D (idiotic typo after the phonetic sound :D lol

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "sasha2019ed male morph" 11.01.2020

      i have found a solution ! it has to do with the injection channels. if you have installed sasha in an external runtime, you need to open the the runtime where you have originally installed MV, V4 etc and their morphpacks.
      Do this also when you change to a newer poser version like i did pp12 --> pp14 .

      Go to the folder ......./runtime/libraries/ !DAZ/ copy this one entirely and paste it in the your Sasha's .../runtime/liabraries folder

      open this !DAZ folder and re-initialize all the .bat files like e.g DZcreateExPfilesV4.bat (just click the bat file and a short script will run.
      that's it ...

      if you now reload poser you can use Sasha's malebody, and malebodynoscalemorph to eliminate the perky breasts without shrinking or deforming the nipples :)
      (Don't know if this is a universal foolproof solution but it worked for me) .

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "render problem i can't figure out" 10.28.2020

      found also that older skins for V4 with no or just a couple nodes render normal with no gloss or overexposure

      moving the lights in the scene or decreasing intensity has no effect on the overexposure or plasticglossy look. it only moves the overexposurespot on the body.

      overexposure is already showing up in the advanced tab. so he overexposure has something to do with the lights, but than still remains the glossy look.
      (allthough, same skin, same lights, same advanced tab previewlook in pp12 renders fine)

      (when i load a skin from an older character (with no nodes or just a few) in pp14, this doesn't happen and renders normal.)

      (perhaps something to do with copyrights or so from the texturecreator; but none of these nodes can be disconnected or deleted in advanced tab)

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "render problem i can't figure out" 10.28.2020

      thank you for your reply, Barzing,
      the scene is unchanged. saved in pp12, rendered in pp14 with same settings with this as result.

      but even a scene created in pp14 with the FFsettings as in PP12 gives this result also

      where can i find this attenuation parameter? i can't seem to find it in parameter dials or properties?

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "sasha2019ed male morph" 10.21.2020

      thank you but tried those also ... chestdepth seems to flatten the chest only and doesn't affect the breasts.

      Breastvolume and other morphs like breastlarge/size/diameter (in combination with the full body male and malenoscalemorphs) shrink and crumble the nipples in a most painful way :)

      but i need the young male character not for nudescenes. I just want Sasha as a base because she bends way more naturally then good ole V4/M4. And if shirtless in a scene would be needed,
      there's nothing a little postwork photoshop can't handle :) .

      But any solutions are still welcome :)

      By the way, is there any news on the male version of Sasha ?

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "Sasha2O19 morph injection problem" 10.21.2020

      thank you very much ! I think i will give the second option a go :) as renaming seems a lot of work indeed. I might give it a go one day when real life stops interfering with my 3D-time :D :D I'll keep on update here on how things go with the OBJ/morphtarget

    • WilliamVV has written a new post "Sasha2O19 morph injection problem" 10.20.2020

      Thank you RL Owens, that explains a whole lot ! that is indeed what is happening now I see it as you describe. is there a way to get around this that you know of so that all the morphs show up ?
      I'm thinking : rename the morphs? create new channels and (re)direct the morphs there? allthough i wouldn't have the slightest clue how to do any of these :)



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